And we’re off…

Since the Kickstarter Project launch yesterday…and because of some very generous backers, we’re off to a good start!

I’m trying to get a Facebook Movie page together, but darn, it’s very different then setting up a personal page. Just getting the art to show-up properly is proving to be a challenge, but do not fear, I don’t fold easily.  I should have something up by next week, then we’ll be pushing to the Facebook crowd.

Remember, every little bit helps.  Be sure to spread the word (and the link) and lets get this film funded.

Kickstarter goes LIVE!

Kickstarter has approved the project and it is now LIVE!

Now… the fun begins. Even if you can find a little extra (you know, down in the car seats, behind the washer or from your piggy-bank), please donate and help support the project…but more importantly, spread the word and link to the project.

Grab one of the banners from the post below and add it to your signature, anyway you can get people to the kickstarter page is very helpful.


“Art of the Bag” Backer Banners!

So… thought I’d create a nice little banner to help promote the film. Please feel free to “save target as” and add to your signature on forums or post anywhere & everywhere. Don’t forget to link it back to the Kickstarter page or this blog. I’ll add the link as soon as the project goes live.

Your help in getting this film made is most appreciated!

"Art of the Bag" Banner - Small

Kickstarter Project link:

Submitted for your viewing pleasure…

Well, I think I got everything right….and just submitted my Kickstarter project for approval. Once approved, I can make it ‘live’ and we can get this crowdfunding journey on it’s way! I found the whole process fairly painless and the Kickstarter site does a good job of walking you through it a step at a time. Now that I know how it works, future projects will be much easier.

So, with a little luck, I’ll be able to make the campaign live in the next few days….

Standby for more information and a link that you can visit & forward to your family, friends and fellow speed bag enthusiasts.



Getting a Kickstart

As I continue to work on the Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign that will launch and run through the month of May, I’ve also been working on the outline of the documentary. This includes not only the subjects covered, contacting the key players to get permissions and schedule interviews,  but starting to storyboard the film.

It’s always important to think about the final product, the shots you want to get & the ‘look and feel’ of the finished film. I’ve been watching every short-form documentary I can find and have done some extensive reading on developing a good documentary. Fingers crossed, I’ve learned a bit!

Next thing on the agenda; book room for the Speed Bag III gathering in NJ, finish storyboards, create a shot list…

More then just a workout

More and more the speed bag is being used not only as part of the average person’s workout, but in rehabilitation centers and programs across the country. It has been proven to increase the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease and helps build eye-hand coordination, speed and accuracy and is a great upper body workout.

“From the first few strikes I was hooked; There was something about the rhythm that drew me in, and I wasn’t the only one.”

Now wouldn’t it make sense that many of the top researchers in the world that are investigating humans and rhythm might want to know that?  Wouldn’t it make sense that they would want to wonder why EVERY ASPECT OF RHYTHM, BEAT PERCEPTION TIMING, REPETITIVE MOVEMENT, EXTERNAL AUDITORY STIMULUS, Auditory Entrainment, etc. is represented by The Speed Bag?  Every article I have read [thousands] that address rhythm and movement can be reproduced on the speed bag.

Alan Kahn – Author “The Speed Bag Bible”