20 hours to end…

With only 20 hours to go and having reached barely 20% of the goal…it’s safe to say the Kickstarter campaign was a fail. The beauty is, you always learn from your failures. A wiseman once said, “A person can fail many times, but you are only a failure if you quit.”

I’m not quitting…far from it! This is merely a small set-back. The film will still be made and you can always find a way to make thing happen.

Chin-up, I’m moving forward & really looking forward to the SPEED B.A.G. III gathering in July….. the interviews are going to be interesting and fun. I have some very interesting people lined-up and can’t wait to hear their stories.

And so…. it begins….

Please stay tuned for updates on the project & thanks to all who have decided to donate even though the campaign wasn’t successful. I’ll be posting a PayPal Donation button in the near future if any others would like to chip in.

Down But Not Out

With only 7 days left in the Kickstarter Campaign and not even reaching 20% of the goal….it’s not looking like this project is going to fund. I’ve been promoting the campaign everyday for hours (this blog, Facebook, various forums, friends, family and manufacturers) but the numbers just aren’t coming up. Hard work is good for the soul and it’s interesting to see that there are a lot of people who talk a good game, but when it comes time to ‘put up’…well, I’m finding that that’s a different story altogether. I understand that these are not the best of economic times, but a little support would be nice. With pledge amounts starting at $1.00, you’d think there would be a few ‘pitty pledges’…right?  You know, just to show support.

Either way, this film will get made….it’s just going to take longer then expected since I’ll be funding this privately.

Now I’m looking forward to the SPEED B.A.G. III gathering in Keyport, NJ and getting some of the interviews I need…..and hitting the bag a bit too.  I’ll be looking for more private donations there so all hope is not lost! Chin up…. elbows up…. I’m not going down without a fight!

TITLE Boxing supports the project

Thanks to the kind people over at TITLE Boxing for providing some nice equipment for the production. They are very interested and wanted to be involved…and they make some of the best speed bags I’ve ever hit. It’s so nice to get a shot-in-the-arm like this with just 13 days to go.

Thank you TITLE Boxing!

17 Days to Goal!

With 17 days left in the Kickstarter campaign to go, the push is on (as it’s been all along). My level of pledges is nowhere near where I’d expected it to be at this point, but that’s just incentive to push harder! I’ve been posting anywhere & everywhere I can think of…emailing family & friends….and posting on various forums trying to generate interest, and ultimately, some more pledges. Now I understand why PBS is running a constent fundraiser…although people are interested in seeing the film that doesn’t mean they want to help get it made. I have to admit, I watch PBS quite a bit and only pledge about once a year.  I have to find a way to break-through and get those pledges.

If anyone has some ideas…..I’d love to hear them…please post them here as a comment on this post.

Back to the grind! ….and remember, if you’re reading this, please “Post & Pass” the link and lets get the word out in cyberville!


Spreading the word

As the Kickstarter campaign keep chugging along, I’m always looking for new places to post the link and spread the word. I’m all over Facebook posting on everyone’s page I know hoping to spark interest. I think the key is to just keep at it.

Next on my list is to send the link to manufacturer’s, gym owner’s and training facilities in the hope that they will take an intrest.

The quest for funding continues….