By chance….it was the nicest day in early April, a beautiful 70 degree day. I know that doesn’t sound like anything special, but the temp had been below freezing every other day here in upstate NY….we got very lucky… my platform is in the garage & it can get chilly out there.

Matt was kind enough to drive up to my place to Punchdrum on my vintage platform for the film…and I must say, not only was it a pleasure to watch & shoot, but he LOVED the platform too! As we ran through the tune time & time again, I couldn’t help but be amazed by his talent and skill on the speed bag. Every take revealed a different group of combinations, all perfectly in sync and on-beat, effectively creating a new drum track for the tune. SO cool!

Speedbag Ataraxis Punchdrumming

I really want to be able to show just what Punchdrumming is all about to the viewers of the film. I know it’s not hard to understand the concept, but until you get to see & hear it, you can’t understand it completely.
I was lucky enough to find (and license) a tune by an artist called “BeepCode”, it’s titled “Planet Trance” and Matt ROCKS the tune. This might actually be the very first, produced, multi-camera music video demonstrating Punchdrumming at it’s finest.

I have the first cut edited and it’s looking & sounding really good…I crack a big smile every time I watch it. Too much fun. This section of the film gets right to the heart of Punchdrumming and that, of course, is Alan Kahn, who created the technique and coined the phrase. Punchdrumming has changed lives and it’s just another aspect of the Art of the Bag that is highly addictive. Once you start, your workout will never be the same…and chances are, you’ll have more then one platform set-up around the house and a truckload of speed bags of all shapes and sizes!