One year. It’s been one year since attending my first Speed Bag Gathering. One year since meeting and befriending the people I admire, the people that inspire me to keep punching & learning. One year since having the chance to sit down and interview Alan Kahn, Tim Platt, Donnie Blanks, Zach Ruffo, Denise Mandeville, Matthew Santiago and many others. One year since being surrounded by an amazing group of people that share a common addiction and love of the speed bag. One year of research into the origin of the speed bag and its evolution of development into the equipment we use today. One year of editing…and re-editing…and editing again. One year of tracking down footage and securing permissions to use it. One year of working to raise the funds needed to help make this film a reality.

A lot can happen in one year and I’m sure life has thrown us all a few ‘left-hooks’ (I know it has me & my family), but thankfully, with a positive attitude and the support of this community of speed baggers, we all carry on…make the best out of what we’re given…and move forward. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Now it’s time to meet once again; to see old friends and make new ones; to share what we’ve learned over the last year; to be amazed by the new combinations, speed or new inventions the speed baggers have in store for us; to have a meal or a beer (or both) and catch-up…and of course, do some serious punching. It’s time for SPEEDB.A.G. IV!


If you’ve never been to the gathering, do yourself a favor and attend it this year…you won’t be sorry. There is not a more welcoming group of people on the planet, you’ll not only have a great time, meet some great people, work up a good sweat….but you might just leave with the addiction we all share…an addiction that’s actually good for you!

See you all there….