20 hours to end…

With only 20 hours to go and having reached barely 20% of the goal…it’s safe to say the Kickstarter campaign was a fail. The beauty is, you always learn from your failures. A wiseman once said, “A person can fail many times, but you are only a failure if you quit.”

I’m not quitting…far from it! This is merely a small set-back. The film will still be made and you can always find a way to make thing happen.

Chin-up, I’m moving forward & really looking forward to the SPEED B.A.G. III gathering in July….. the interviews are going to be interesting and fun. I have some very interesting people lined-up and can’t wait to hear their stories.

And so…. it begins….

Please stay tuned for updates on the project & thanks to all who have decided to donate even though the campaign wasn’t successful. I’ll be posting a PayPal Donation button in the near future if any others would like to chip in.