Reviewing, Logging & Organization

The SPEED B.A.G. III footage has now been reviewed, logged and organized for the edit. This might not sound like a big deal, but with hour & hours of footage…it is. Every shot has to be reviewed to make sure it’s usable, then it has to be renamed so the file name tells you what that clip is about and finally, they have to be organized in folders by general category. By doing this the edit will be much easier, so it’s totally worth it.

The other thing I look for within each shot is focus and shot composure. Sometimes when you’re shooting in a run & gun style you lose track of the framing of the shot because you’re concerned with focus….then you lose track of focus because you’re trying to get the shot framed properly! Then there’s exposure and other technical aspects of the shot. Next, you have to consider the audio. Was it clear? Was it a good level? You really only know once you’ve reviewed each shot. There were a few ‘throw aways’ (shots that just missed the mark on focus or framing), but all in all, I have a truck-load of usable footage IMHO.

This is a hugh weight off my shoulders because if I didn’t get what I needed at this event…well…I don’t know if the film could happen. Having everyone you need in one place at one time and only being a 3 hour drive for you is a no-budget filmmakers dream come true. Travel all over the country for interviews would prove almost impossible….or at least would set the film back drastically.

Now it’s on to more interviews in the Boston area and a quick trip to the Newburgh Boxing Gym for a few more….