Back to Business

So, after the ‘Back-up Scare’ of 2012….and once my heart got back in a regular rhythm…and my blood preassure was back to normal… it was time for another trip to interview Sifu George Hajnasr in Kingston, MA.  I was invited out to visit his dojo, The Jeet Kune Do Academy of Martial Arts and sit down to talk about his experience in finding the speed bag, his addiction to it and how he has used it in his day-to-day Jeet Kune Do trainning.

It was another great day for a roadtrip and once I punched the address into the GPS, it was a quick 3.5 hour drive. The academy is a beautiful place. It’s full of some of the nicest gear I’ve ever seen and there are walls full of very interesting history, trophies and pictures of Sifu George over the years. Sifu George is a great guy and I was welcomed with open arms and given a tour of the facilities…. then it was time to set-up my gear and get to work.

The interview went great and Sifu George added a little different perspective of the speed bag and it’s uses….but it still boils down to his addiction to hitting the bag!

After lunch it was time to pack-up (but not before spending a little time under the boards hitting and comparing notes on various swivel and platform combinations…after all….we ARE speed bag addicts!) and hit the road. Another great interview in the can and only a few more to go in my quest to get to the root of this addiction!