SuperBagger Ataraxis!

I’ve been a little lax in updating the blog (although I don’t think anyone really reads these) so it’s time.

A couple of weeks ago, I made another road trip down to the beautiful town of Woodstock, NY.  I love that town and was lucky enough to spend time there back in 1983 …when I was recording an album with the band I was a member of at Bearsville Studios. I only wish I remember more about it! Nuf-said.

I was there to interview what I would call one of the ‘SuperBaggers’ I met at SPEED B.A.G. III, Speedbag Ataraxis.  He’s a great guy, very interesting and an amazing speed bagger and punchdrummer.  I was able to spend an afternoon interviewing him, getting his thoughts on the speed bag and shooting some great bagging footage.  Ataraxis (which IS a word, look it up) is a personal trainier by profession and integrates the speed bag into the training of his clients and although not everyone ‘takes’ to it, he has spawned a few more addicts.  I have to thank him (and his better half) for a great day in the Catskills!

Since that trip, the research continues into the history of the speed bag.  Until next time…..