So, on my quest to find some good footage to use in the ‘history’ section of the film, I’ve learned a lot. I was able to obtain some footage, images, catalogs, etc. from the LOC (Library of Congress) that is usable because it’s old enough for the copyright to have run out…. that was the easy part. (who says big government isn’t good, I could spend years in that online library…SO much good stuff preserved for us all) Check it out sometime:

As you know from previous posts, I can get that Doris DeGreen footage as soon as I can come up with the funds to purchase the rights (working on that now)….but more interesting is that, with the help of my speed bag brothers on Speedbagforum, I’ve been able to contact Doris’ grandson. We are emailing back & forth and I’m hoping I can get a few images, old film…or just some cool old stories from the family archives for the film. Lets keep those fingers crossed!

Another thing I have learned is that the people over at VH1, MTV…you know, those Viacom people…they are just GREAT to work with. Brian was kind enough to put me in touch with them and they have been most helpful in securing the rights to use some short clips from “That Metal Show” where Brian (Tichy) appeared with the band and for the first time on TV, did a little ‘Drumpunching’…playing the drum kit with three limbs all the while hitting the speed bag rhythmically with the beat. Really cool stuff! It’s so nice to see people willing to help out an indie filmmaker with no-budget  like myself. Thank you’s to everyone at Viacom…again, you guys are great!

That’s it for this quick update…back to the edit.  I’m looking forward to seeing all my Speed Bag Brother’s & Sisters at the next SPEED B.A.G. gathering in July…. hope to see you there too!