The Final Push

The last 18 months has been a wild ride. Since starting this project and becoming a speed bag addict, I have had the distinct pleasure of befriending my speed bag idols, making life-long friendships through the speed bag forum and interviewing the most amazing people/ bagger’s. The support I have received has been overwhelming and most appreciated.

The passionate people, from all walks of life, that share in the pure joy of this humble activity never cease to amaze me. It seems everyday someone new introduces themselves on the forum and within weeks has advanced leaps & bounds…and becomes yet another “speed bag addict”. I know we throw that term around a lot, but once you start to hit the bag, you will understand. Sure, you might be into it, then stop for a bit, but we all know you will be back!

I’ve also learned a lot on this journey. Who would have thought there was such a rich history and interesting story behind the speed bag? Tracking down historic footage and negotiating permissions is no easy task, but I found that everyone I dealt with was more then happy to help me through the process. I love to learn and even though the film is almost finished, I’m sure there is always something else to research or a new combination to try. This is truly a story that needs to be told.

As the post- production comes to an end, it’s now time to start all the other fun stuff that goes with promoting the film. The first thing is the films web site ( got to have one, right?) …. So I have procured the url and for the time being, have pointed it to this blog until I can build the site. Please be sure to bookmark it, visit often and pass it along to every one you know.

Then there’s the Facebook film page:

Be sure to ‘like’ the page, post comments and share with all your friends & family.

Finally, I have to thank a fellow bagger and supporter of the film, Matthew Geraci at & who has made some really cool, high quality “Art of the Bag” stickers! I put one on my rear window, but you can apply them anywhere.

…time to get back to the film, thanks to all who have been following this blog. I will be continuing it throughout the release process, etc.

Bag on!