More then just a workout

More and more the speed bag is being used not only as part of the average person’s workout, but in rehabilitation centers and programs across the country. It has been proven to increase the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease and helps build eye-hand coordination, speed and accuracy and is a great upper body workout.

“From the first few strikes I was hooked; There was something about the rhythm that drew me in, and I wasn’t the only one.”

Now wouldn’t it make sense that many of the top researchers in the world that are investigating humans and rhythm might want to know that?  Wouldn’t it make sense that they would want to wonder why EVERY ASPECT OF RHYTHM, BEAT PERCEPTION TIMING, REPETITIVE MOVEMENT, EXTERNAL AUDITORY STIMULUS, Auditory Entrainment, etc. is represented by The Speed Bag?  Every article I have read [thousands] that address rhythm and movement can be reproduced on the speed bag.

Alan Kahn – Author “The Speed Bag Bible”