“Art of the Bag” – The Film

“Art of the Bag” will follow the evolution of the speed bag and show that it’s much more then just a boxing exercise.

Film concept above…. trailer below!

Please visit the “Official” film web site for more information & news about the film…and there is a link back to this production blog, so no worries!


If you’d like to donate & help get this film made, please visit the link below. Every little bit helps to make this a better film. (donations are through “ZazaSlider”, a division of ZazaCast Films)

One thought on ““Art of the Bag” – The Film

  1. This film will be a tribute to the amazing sound and rhythm of the speed bag. It has a rich history that goes far beyond it’s more recognized boxing roots. From the performance stages of Vaudeville, where amazing speed baggers toured and put on multi-bag demonstrations, to the new modern day “punch drummers”(tm) who use the bag as a hanging drum, mixing the rhythms with music, there is a fascinating story to be told, about some very fascinating people who all have one thing in common….. A speed bag addiction. This addiction can get you healthy!

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